Meet the Pyro Punks, Jeremy Brooks a.k.a. “Propane” and Jesse Tanner a.k.a “Inferno”, best friends since childhood and stunt performers from Arlington, Texas.  As compared to stunt riders, stunt riders tricks are limited to motorcycles, whereas Stunt Performers have a wider repertoire that, for these two at least, includes such puzzling fare as:  High Falls, Stage Combat, Ratchet Pull (Come Again?), Face Off’s & Headers, and finally, the Human Torch!

It turns out that Brooks and Tanner aren’t aimless adolescents with a death wish, but, rather highly trained professionals who actually been instructed on the finer points of setting oneself on fire! That’s right, they are trained stuntmen who honed their skills on the set stages at Six Flags Elburg in Holland (just outside of Amsterdam, a city known, as we might point out, for “sparking” stuff up)!

The gig first came their way via Brooks cousin, Sam Rhodes, a stunt performer himself. Who worked his way up until he was producing shows and hiring talent for Six Flags Elberg. Rhodes was assembling new talent for Six Flags Batman stage show and offered Brooks a job.  Brooks, like any good buddy, asked his friend of almost two decades, Tanner, to come along for the ride. And the rest is history!

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